Monday, June 11, 2012

Ode To A Cat

Farewell Suzie, you moody neurotic cat, I never quite knew where your head was at. You'd annoy me endlessly til I'd want to yell 'kill her now', But we couldn't eat you, you weren't a cow. If food went missing on my shoulder a blaming finger would tap, Then I'd point at you, you took the rap. You slept, hissed and meowed from under mum's bed, Coming out only to terrorize, creep around and be fed. You'd devour can after can of Whiskas albeit never got fat, You really should be quite proud of that. I'm grateful that never was there a mouse, Thanks to you inside our quaint beach side Seaford house. Im glad that we eventually became friends, Even if it was so close to your very sad end. Farewell Suzie, soon to be but dust, Go to kitty heaven, it is a must.

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