Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The nagging former trainee nun from Nambour

As the grandson of someone who was in two concentration camps as well as wrongfully arrested, detained and very nearly almost executed by the Gestapo, I'm bitterly offended that I should be called part of a 'global gay gestapo' as a supporter of gay marriage and general marriage equality.

During the Second World War, millions were killed as a direct result of the actions of the Gestapo and more broadly, the Nazis. This included 100,000 men being arrested between 1933-1945 on suspicion of being homosexuals, mostly in Germany, which had previously been the world's most tolerant country. Of these men, between 5000-15,000 were sent to concentration camps. Roughly 60% of them perished in extermination.

The label of 'global gay gestapo' is an even harder pill to swallow when you consider it is being given to gay marriage advocates by Loree Rudd, a divorced former trainee nun who didn't fulfill her own marriage vows according to the traditions and right wing Christian values that Ms. Rudd holds so dear.

All I want is one day having the option of asking Mr. Right (whoever the hell he may be) "will you marry me?". There's nothing even vaguely similar to the practices of the Gestapo in wanting to do that. Gay marriage has nothing to do with hate crimes and everything to do with equality, inclusion and recognition.

Not to mention a whole lot of love x

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